Hiring for an Accountant!

Posted: 08/21/2022


  • Minimum Qualifications: Have a bachelor's degree in Accounting, Be familiar with Quick books.

  • Pay Rate: $22 an hour

  • Where to apply: sashika@basik-foods.com

  • Contact information: 442-340-8839


Expectation in detail:

  • Enter data to Quick books daily.

  • Enter Pos into QB.

  • Categorize expenses into the correct category on QB.

  • Make cost analysis and evaluations for the top management.

  • Generate accurate financial statements at the end of each month.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Manage tax returns

  • Prepare financial documents like income statements and balance sheets

  • Work with auditors both within and outside of the company to ensure legal compliance 

  • Make sure all bookkeeping is accurate and adheres to state and federal law

  • Create budgets or advise on the creation of budgets

  • Properly store and manage financial data

  • Regularly review bookkeeping for accuracy 

  • Review and update accounting processes and procedures as needed 

  • Make financial recommendations 

  • Manage or work on an accounting team 

  • Maintain confidential and secure storage of important financial information

  • Create financial forecasts 
    Communicate with clients and in-house stakeholders

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